Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Managing my sanity online

I have been perusing blogs and 'coffee chat rooms' and reading through forums.... something I never thought I would be doing! (Let along using that language) Getting my mind around reaching the same goals as my intelligent university colleagues have achieved seems impossible.
My sanity levels are being somewhat challenged. The more I read and inquire about this new found method of communicating, the more I see how much my colleagues are learning... and surprise surprise are actually enjoying it! They are learning so much about themselves and their own learning experiences! Maybe my sanity can be saved after all. Fear creeps in a little as I realise how much further I have to go, but I am continually inspired by how far others have come and how they overcame their own fear of the unknown.
My first blog may be a late start but I have kept my sanity and achieved what I thought impossible. I have so much much more to learn, am open to all your wonderful suggestions on how I can further my learning.
Until next time!

Alice Warwick


  1. Hi Alice,

    Nice to see you have your blog up and running. I believe that if you look inside yourself you will also see how far you have come since we all began University eighteen months ago. It has definately been a learning curve, but will be worth it when we all finish, harnessed with new knowledge and the confidence to provide the best possible learning environment for our future students.


  2. Hi Alice,
    I know it has taken me a while to take a proper peek at your Blog, and it looks great!, keep going girl, we are on this journey together and we will get through this no matter how foreign it seems. As Kellie said we have come a long way and have learnt so much and there is much more out there to learn. I am up for it and yes my sanity along with yours is being challenged. We can do it, we are strong independant women with lots of faith and determination along with a great set of friends and colleagues to walk the journey with us. All we can do is give it a go! so come on let's go kick some technology butt!.